Vulcanization is the process of bonding natural rubber with curatives or accelerators; this helps to strengthen the rubber and turns it into the strong, rubber products that we use every day, such as tennis shoe soles and tires. If you are manufacturing a product that uses rubber, you may be looking to hire a company to complete your vulcanization needs. If you have never hired one before, you may be unsure of what to look for in such a company. Aside from price, here are three factors you will want to consider as you go about hiring a company to complete the vulcanization process for you. 

What Curatives They Use to Bond With The Rubber

Natural rubber is sticky. In addition to this, it is not as strong and durable as the rubber that we are familiar with today. However, when you take rubber and bond it with curatives, the curatives cure the rubber, taking out the stickiness it has and making it strong and durable. Sulfur is the most common curative used to bond natural rubber. But it is not the only product that is used. Peroxides, metallic oxides, acetoxy silane and urethane crosslinkers can also be used. Do your research to determine which bonding agent is best based on how you intend to use the rubber and then find a vulcanization facility that uses the curatives you desire. 

The Size and Shape of Presses They Have

Another key factor to consider as you select a company to complete the vulcanization process for you is what size and shape of press they have. During the vulcanization process, your rubber is shaped into the form you want; this may be a sheet of rubber, a tube or rubber or even a special cast that creates your own unique shape for the product you are manufacturing. Some companies have limited size presses available to them. For example, not every company has presses that are large enough to shape the rubber used for tires. Always ask what shape and size presses they have available to ensure they can manufacture the shape and size of rubber you need during the vulcanization process. 

How Quickly They Can Complete Your Project

Lastly, always be sure to ask what their turn around time is for completing the vulcanization process. Some companies may have quick turnaround times, while other companies may have slower times. If you need the rubber right away, this is an important factor to consider. 

Taking the time to consider the above factors will help you hone in on a company that can complete the vulcanization process so the rubber that is produced meets your needs and is delivered to you within the time frame that you need it.