Tungsten is used as a catalyst in many industrial processes. A catalyst speeds up the chemical reactions that normally would be slower or would not happen at all. It alters the process of other things, but the catalyst does not change. This metal has a high resistance to temperature, which makes it ideal for a lot of processes and products. For these reasons, many power plants work with a tungsten supplier. Power plants need tungsten to remove harmful nitrogen oxides from the emissions produced by their facility. These toxins are dangerous for the environment.

If you have a fiancé who works with his hands, then you want to choose a metal that fit his lifestyle. Read on to find out how to choose a durable metal when choosing a wedding band for a working man.

Understand The Strength

Some men choose jewelry made from this metal because of the strength. Tungsten is very hard, which makes it scratch resistant. This also means that the metal will not bend as easy as other metals. An extra bonus is that rings made of tungsten tend to maintain its luster for a longtime.  

Stand Apart From The Crowd

When choosing engagement rings, some couples want a flashy set. You also have the other group who wants something that stands apart, but with a sleek look. This metal gives your ring a unique look, which looks different classic platinum and gold wedding bands. It comes in black, gray and white, which is ideal for the men who do not want the traditional gold and silver colors. For these reasons, grooms are attracted to the contemporary and masculine appearance of tungsten.

Has Heavy Weight

If your fiancé use his hands when working, then he is going to be banging his hands on things. This metal is dense and heavy, which can withstand a little banging around. However, some men have a preference for substantial and solid jewelry and others may not like it.

Some people have allergies or are sensitive to certain metals like gold. This metal gives you an alternative for someone who has allergies. It will not trigger a reaction.

Getting married is a special occasion. The engagement ring is a symbol of your love as a union. You should put thought in finding the right band. It also helps to get some input from your spouse. Tungsten has many unique characteristics that allow it to be used in different ways.