There is so much equipment for construction and industrial use that you probably don't use even if you work in one of those industries. Typically, the equipment you have on site is what you need and you might not know about other pieces. However, sometimes it's wise to research whether there is other equipment--new to you--which could prove helpful to you and your workers. Mechanical flange spreaders might not seem vital to your business at first, but they could be for the reasons below:

Moving Oversized Items

Oversized and awkwardly shaped items like barrels, tanks, crates the like are generally moved by heavy equipment like forklifts. Loading them is a time-consuming job that you probably supervise without realizing it could be easier. Mechanical flange spreaders can slip underneath these objects and force a gap which remains open long enough for forklift tines to be placed beneath them. You can make the gap as big or small as desired by operating the spreaders. This saves time and makes the task easier.

Replacing Seals

If most of your work takes place in a facility where seals break down and they must be replaced, small mechanical flange spreaders can help. It can seem like there's no space between pipes for you to even access the old seal, but the spreaders will pry open enough space for you to remove the seal and attach a new one.

Hauling Concrete

Instead of having to demolish a heavy concrete barrier and rebuild an entirely new one, flange spreaders permit simple relocation of a barrier when required. Rather than moving an entire slab, you can purposefully crack a barrier so flange spreader jaws are able to fit into those cracks and clamp onto one chunk of the barrier and move it with another piece of equipment. Once all pieces are moved, you can work to repair all the cracks made during transport.

Handling Emergencies

Whenever you see a terrible vehicle crash and what looks like an enormous pair of metal claws, you're watching a mechanical flange spreader in action."Jaws of life" dig in and pry apart steel so that emergency responders can retrieve motorists and passengers that need to be extracted from mangled vehicles. Flange spreaders are often kept on racetracks to help racecar drivers if an emergency happens and they need to get out of their cars quickly. Flange spreaders can assist you in removing equipment operators from their machines if necessary.

Flange spreaders could be useful on your industrial or construction site. Look for instances where you need to move equipment or pry open something. Your employees and managers should be able to advise and weigh in on whether spreaders would be helpful for their work.