If you will be operating industrial compressed air for the first time at your new job, then it is important that you know how to do so in a safe manner. Since compressed air can greatly injure people and equipment if it is not safely handled, knowing how to properly work with this helpful tool is a must. To this end, here are some safety tips for working with industrial compressed air for the first time:

Tip: Never Point Compressed Air Streams at People or Fragile Surfaces

Industrial compressed air comes out of the air compressor's tank at speeds that are high enough to seriously injure people and damage fragile surfaces. For this reason, you need to be very careful where you direct the air stream. Never aim compressed air towards yourself, other employees, or at inappropriate places.

Tip: Always Wear Eye Protection When Using Compressed Air

When you are working with compressed air in an industrial setting, many dust particles will be flying through the air at high speeds. To prevent injury to your eyes, you need to wear eye protection when working with industrial compressed air. Since there will be a lot of air movement, you should wear goggles rather than open-sided glasses.

Tip: Always Bleed Down Hoses Before Connecting or Disconnecting Compressed Air Hoses

Before you connect or disconnect compressed air hoses, you must always bleed any air out of the lines. If you skip this important step, then your hose ends can whip around and hit you. You should always test hoses by squeezing them to determine if they are charged with air or not. 

Tip: Evacuate Dust and Dirt from the End of the Nozzle Before Each Use

Since dust and dirt can clog the end of your air compressor's nozzle, you should always clear it before use. To unclog the nozzle's end, shoot a short blast of air into the air where it will not hit a person or equipment. This will keep any trapped dirt from damaging anything when you use the compressed air.

Tip: Ensure That You Always Hold the End of a Working Compressed Air Line

In conclusion, it is vital that you always hold the end of any working compressed air line very tightly. This is important because if you let go of the line or hold it too far from the end, then the line will whip around and can injure someone.

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