If your vehicle has broken down on the side of the road, you are going to need a tow to get it somewhere safe. Here are some steps you need to be aware of in order to keep your vehicle safe while it is being towed.

#1 "On-Tow" Sign

When the tow truck comes to pick up your vehicle, it should come with a portable "on-tow" sign. This sign should be displayed on the back of your vehicle. This sign is designed to show other drivers that your vehicle is being towed. That way, other drivers can be more alert and responsive behind the tow truck and your car, the vehicle that is being towed.

#2 Tow Ropes

Second, before your vehicle is hooked-up to the tow truck, make sure that the tow truck driver inspects the towing ropes. You should also inspect the towing ropes. When you inspect the towing ropes, you need to make sure that there are not any abrasions on the rope and that it does not look frayed or damaged at all.

If you do not feel confident in the condition of the towing rope, you should ask the tow truck driver to use a different tow rope or call another towing company if the driver refused to locate a new tow rope. A damaged tow rope could result in your vehicle not being safely transported to a new location and could result in other drivers getting injured as well if the tow rope fails.

#3 Steering Lock

Third, the steering lock on your vehicle needs to be unlocked. The steering lock ensures that your vehicle's tires don't move when your vehicle is parked or not on. However, you need the tires on your vehicle to be able to move in order for the tow truck to effectively tow your vehicle.

To unlock the steering lock, you are going to need to put your keys into the ignition and turn the ignition so it is in the "on" position. This will not turn on your vehicle but will make it easier to tow and maneuver.

#4 Brake Lightly

Finally, as your vehicle is being pulled with the tow ropes by the tow truck, you are going to want to steer your vehicle so that you are moving together with the tow truck. Your vehicle doesn't need to be on for this; the steering just needs to be unlocked.

You are also going to want to brake when you see the brake lights come on in the tow truck. It can be a good idea to keep a little pressure on the brakes as your vehicle is being towed. This will create a little tension between the tow truck, tow rope and your vehicle, which will help keep your vehicle in line and on course. For more tips, contact a company like Omaha  Slings Inc.