Here are a few tips that will help you ensure that the line charger on your pneumatic conveyor system stays in good shape and continues to work well.

#1 Rotary Valve Clearance

The first thing that you need to check is the rotary valve. You need to make sure that the rotary valve has enough clearance. If the rotary valve on the line charger does not have enough clearance, this could cause a variety of problems. The first problem that you will encounter is a feed issue, which will impact your capacity. The second big problem that could develop is a leak, which will in turn impact the feed and capacity. These interconnected issues can be avoided by checking the rotary valve clearance every few weeks and making sure that you have enough room.

#2 Take Care Of The Chains

To keep your line charger on your pneumatic conveyor system working effectively, when the machine is turned off, you should use a cloth to clean and remove dirt and dust build-up from the chains. Then, all of the chains need to be lubricated again to keep them moving smoothly.

#3 Change The Oil

The oil in your pneumatic conveyor is responsible for keeping the line charger, and most of the other parts of your system, working effectively. You should set oil change reminders on the maintenance calendar to ensure that they are never missed. This will help keep your entire system working effectively.

#4 Look Out For Valve Leakage

Next, keep an eye out for valve leakage. Inspect the valve on a regular basis and replace any valves that look dried out or cracked. If the valves start to leak, they could cause a host of other issues.

#5 Calibrate The Level

Fifth, make sure that the level probe is calibrated on a regular basis. This is another task that should be on your calendar for your pneumatic conveyor system. Regular calibration will help reduce the wear and tear on the valves on your machine. It will also help ensure that the tanks attached to the machine are kept at the right level.

#6 Keep An Eye Out For Residual Build-Up

Sixth, make sure that you have the insides of the tank on your system inspected a couple of times a year. When material residue starts to build up inside of the tanks, it can really impact your system. It can cause your pneumatic system to cycle more than it should, which is another factor that can contribute to your valves wearing down faster than they should.

To keep the line charger and your entire pneumatic conveyor system running smoothly, make sure that you have someone assigned to inspect and clean it on a regular basis; the closer you keep an eye on your pneumatic conveyor system, the easier it will be for you to take preventative maintenance steps and keep your system running when you need it.